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Cb urban dictionary I Am Ready Real Dating

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Cb urban dictionary

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You want to pick a fight?

They're also considered 'Fail regs'. Ex-CBers who get ham s are often ostracized for using CB lingo on the air.

It can be used as part of an English sentence in parts of Malaysia and Singapore. He was using CB lingo like 'what's your 20?

The strategy is allowed by the United Nations inexplicably since conquering a country by means of war is no longer tolerated amongst the international community. In North America, the frequencies are 40 channels from Long time no see! North American CB today is a wasteland of cursing, vulgarity, sexual innuendo, jamming, music broadcasting, and heavily distorted audio due to improper radio modifications. A more successful example of the CBB strategy has been used by the Albanians in their attempt to annex the Serbian state of Kosovo in Kosovo is part of the original Serb heartland and ancestral homeland of the Serbs.

Public radio service in the 11 meter shortwave band. Cb whore An ephemeral regular poster that spams the Gaiaonline Chatterbox forum with thre about namedrops Usually their friends or themselvesboring happenings or facts about their life and other nonsensical crap in Single lady seeking real sex Des Moines of becoming e-popular.

CB whore 1: Hey sup let's become chatterbox regs by posting our usernames over and over again until people remember them!

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Where have you been? CB whore 2: Awesome just let me finish posting my nudes! Amateur radio ham radio operators have a particular dislike for CBers and CB lingo.

Heard on CB radio channel shouting, incomprehensibly distorted audio " Roger roger breaker breaker 14 hear my radidio come on come on" Ham 1: "Did you hear that new ham on the repeater? AM amplitude modulation or SSB single sideband modes may be used.

The two-word Chinese phrase literally means 'vagina', and is commonly regarded as both derogatory and vulgar. Similar to calling that person an 'asshole' or 'jerk'. Be careful as its usage is very provocative, and usually some heated argument will follow.

It is a grave insult to call an American ham operator a CBer. The popularity of CB in the 70s resulted in much illegal operation.

The FCC dropped licensing requirements in the early 's. The French were stupid enough to let it happen, so they deserve any problems which come out of an open-door immigration policy. This is a traditional vulgarity. They also tend to get their nudes leaked.

You can quickly spot them when they follow any sort of trendy thing that's going on in the Chatterbox at the moment; dicionary making thre following a certain popular subject. I missed the freaking bus again!

Much like "Hey dickhead! CBers sometimes transmit illegally on ham radio frequencies and are often caught by vigilante hams with radio direction finding equipment.

The same strategy will be used by the large muslim population in the south of France very soon. Some actually manage to gain a relatively popular status, but victionary a month of not posting everyone would forget them because they just aren't that interesting. CB Radio Citizen's Band radio.