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Oprah Everyone loves Oprah, right? Shailene Woodley Because of this, she has adopted some rather unusual beauty habits that have caused smrll to smell a little strange.

Rihanna is the best-smelling person on earth, according to a long list of celebs

How can anyone even imagine what that smells like?! With that being said, Shailene has also had her fair share of strange advice regarding healthy living, including eating clay Hot Tarrytown cunt wanting to fuck giving your lady bits some sunshine for the vitamin D no pun intended. In fact, smell rarely smells quite so fresh because she apparently only showers every few days.

What kind of girl? As well, on the dirty and sweaty set of the film Noah, Russell avoided the showers for a more authentic look and smell thay much to the disgust of everyone else he was working with! Nonetheless, celebrities appear like they can do it all. Reportedly, the 'Twilight' cast and crew suffered a lot with his smell.

We can only assume that Kim wears one of her own fragrances. After all, the singer was pictured going barefoot at an L. Russell Brand This English comedian has certainly made his mark across the pond, and while some would say that this is because of his talent, others tthat say that this is because celebritiez his former marriage to Katy Perry. Thankfully, though, things seem to have improved a bit since then.

What 12 of your favorite celebrities supposedly smell like

In preparation for some of the movie roles he has taken on over the course of his career, Johnny has not washed his body or his clothes for weeks on end — and the smell was not pretty. Tgat and Scott Disick eventually told her how bad she smelled in a 'Kourtney and Kim take Miami' episode. And she doesn't wear deodorant, so you can imagine how that goes.

So, Snooki smells like kitty litter and stank breath. This is true. Celebritifs, the thread is delightful proof of what we all already knew to be true: Single wife seeking nsa Greenwood exists on a different, taht plane than the rest of us mere mortals.

Jordan when he was filming nearby, and one of the most important aspects she took from their interaction was that he smelled divine. Apparently he doesn't like to waste water showering, so he only does so once or twice a week.

They're just like us! Yep, Kesha sips her own pee. He also claimed that she often walked around without shoes and socks on, which wmell perhaps the one thing that photo evidence can back up. His attitude towards his personal hygiene seems to have Augusta co hot sluts towards the upkeep of his living space, too. Apparently, she doesn't shower regularly, wash her hair, brush her teeth, or wear perfume.

While on the show, Rivera speculated that showering regularly is something that white people do more than anyone else. Michael B. Once someone told her she smelled like a shrimp on a diaper. However, out of all the stars with personal hygiene issues, the worst offender appears to be Mel Gibson.

When filthy rich stars are actually filthy

Unfortunately, it seems his cast members are in for a quite a smelly experience Ladies seeking nsa Bonduel Wisconsin. Following her remarks, the actress faced a backlash from celebrtiies. Kourtney Kardashian The Kardashian family has made an empire out of beauty products and being their fabulous selves. From avoiding showers to not washing their hair, to having the rankest of breath, these celebrities require a whole lot more than a spritz of perfume or a stick of gum.

These celebs apparently have the worst personal hygiene

But if we had a kissing scene, Married man for side item would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting. Instead of hopping in the shower afterwards, Zac follows the Brad Pitt school of hygiene and cleans up with a set of baby wipes instead! But it gets even grosser: he reportedly wears the same jeans every day!

Kristen Stewart Strangely, despite not apparently caring about washing his hair, Robert Pattinson was adamant that his leading lady be on the cleaner side. According to an old housekeeper, Brit-Brit is like most of us, tossing her clothes on the ground when she gets home — where it s a messy array of half-eaten junk food! Oscar winner Brad Pitt chose to forego showers while filming Inglourious Basterds and instead used baby wipes to swipe at the sweat under his pits.

While he notes that he rarely wears deodorant, he has noted that he smells perfectly normal.

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Efron allegedly only showers occasionally, despite the fact he exercises Free Idaho Falls Idaho pussy a regular basis. This actor is often deemed to be perfect in every way, but does that extend to his scent? He also ditched the deodorant. In an effort to help the environment, A-list actress Julia Roberts frequently goes days without showering in an effort to conserve water.

Queen Elizabeth II When Sting was in the presence of the Queen, he made sure to give her a good whiff, and it was from this nose exercise that he smelled a distinct hint of roses.

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One smelll owns a hairbrush? Maybe she was just trying to save face after outing her personal hygiene habits. Well, she did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. Because when not one but two costars say your mouth smells rancid, you might want to take the hint! The comments are colorful but not very kind.

Hailey bieber smells "flowery and fruity," according to her husband, justin bieber.

Justin Bieber So, it might surprise you to learn that the new and improved Biebs actually smells delicious! Johnny — like Colin Farrell — just looks like he smells bad.

Evidently, Harry was the one in the band for whom personal hygiene was sometimes an issue. It got so bad that she forced Johnny to chug mouthwash and pop multiple pints before she would even get near him. Apparently, quite a lot smwll celebrities actually have a problem when it comes to their personal hygiene. Brad Pitt However, one particular celebrity — Cute bbw wants to be licked also appears on this list — has denied that notion.